Cov-19 Update

The New Normal Clinic Procedures

Patient Guidelines

  1. On entry, apply alcohol hand gel to your hands when arrive and leave the clinic.
  2. Arrive at your appointment on time. If you arrive too early, as we are operating a one in one out system, you will not be allowed in.
  3. If you are 10 minutes late or do not arrive, the appointment will be cancelled and you will be invoiced the full appointment cost.
  4. Ensure that you either have a mask or face covering that can be worn throughout the time you are in the building. If you are exempt from this on medical grounds, the medical professional will be able to advise.
  5. If you or any members of your household display any symptom of the Virus, or have been in contact with anyone in the last 2 weeks, please cancel your appointment with 24 hours notice and self – isolate.
  6. If you have a serious foot problem that requires urgent care, please contact us
    straight away so that we can triage you and prioritise your appointment efficiently.

Practitioner Guidelines

  • To update website with new Covid-19 guidelines affecting the practice.
  • Follow all measures and guidelines to the law.
  • To ensure all cleaning protocols are adhered to.
  • To minimise the contact between patient and practitioner where possible.

Booking your next appointment

Due to a backlog in our caseload, appointments are being booked 6 weeks in advance. Therefore at the time of appointment, if a return appointment is advised, please book ahead to avoid disappointment.


Due to the current climate, we have had to increase our appointment fees. This is to cover the cost of PPE, safety measures, consumables cost and increased business administration time. All of which are in place to ensure that patient safety is upheld. The increase in fees will not cover the extra cost created by Covid-19 but will ensure that the business can continue providing the best patient care. As the contactless payment limit has increased to £45, we would like to encourage people to make card payments where possible to reduce the handling of cash. However, if this is not possible, we will still be accepting cash and cheques.

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