Laser Tattoo Removal

Known as Midlands Laser Clinic, we are a laser tattoo removing clinic in Bromsgrove, West Midlands, operating within JKH Healthcare Clinic.

We are proud to host one of the most advanced, hi-tech international recognised. The Fotona QX Max laser is able to remove tattoos of all sizes and colours. With all laser, some colours require more energy, but at a consultation this can be discussed.

Our laser, clinical knowledge, and well-developed procedures ensure that we operate an effective, safe and optimal treatment when compared with other practitioners and less advanced laser models on the market today.

Our clinic appeals to clients who value their time and demand the best treatment.
At our first consultation, we will tell you honestly whether laser is the right treatment method for you.

Does it work?

Simply yes. We use one of the most powerful lasers available. This ensures that superior results can be seen. In order to improve the effectiveness of the procedure we use our medical knowledge alongside the laser treatment knowledge.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

During the treatment process we apply a laser light which passes harmlessly through your skin, targeting only the ink resting in the tattoo and shattering it into miniscule particles, which will be disposed of through your body’s natural processes. So, it works through the combination of our hi-tech laser and your clever body.

When will I see the results?

How quickly you see results will depend on the type of ink used and the colour of the tattoo.  Fading will appear gradually between each treatment. Due to the healing stages of the body, 6-8 weeks is the recommended time to leave between appointments. It is during this time that you would start to notice the fading.

I have a wedding / job interview, how quickly can my tattoo be removed?

Most tattoos generally requires 6-10 treatments. Our approach means that we will work with you to ensure that your tattoo is removed or faded for that special occasion or important meeting.Your body is an active agent in the tattoo removal process and the more effective it is, the faster the tattoo will be removed.

By making small adjustments to your day to day routine, your body can eliminate the shattered ink faster. For example, drinking more water , exercising and massage will improve the results.  We can help you achieve your objective.

Is it painful?

Much will depend on your pain threshold, because tattoo removal is a painful process. Our Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling machine is superbly equipped to help with pain management during the course of your treatment. We can also apply skin numbing ointments prior to your treatment.

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