Bursitis is a relatively common condition that can affect many different areas in the body. There are a number of locations in the foot where bursitis can present. Commonly at the back of the heel, under the heel, and at the side of a bunion.

A bursa is a fluid filled sack, which can reduce friction from tendons, think of it like a blister, but sitting deeper in the skin. A bursa which becomes inflamed is a bursitis. They can often be accompanied by a redness and swelling over the local area.

Common treatments surrounding bursitis are facilitating rest for the structures involved. With the foot this can be difficult, as we need to walk around, so it can often be achieved through taping or the use of a foot orthotic. The prognosis for bursitis is usually good, and in most cases the inflammation can be reduced quickly, and the underlying cause can then be dealt with.