Insole & Orthoses Prescription

Incorrect foot motion can cause pain through the foot, or cause excess pressure through the knees, hips and spine. Here at JKH Healthcare we use Digitsole PODOSmart.  This gait tracking system allows us to clearly see the areas of the foot which are taking too much, or not enough pressure. The sensor technology provides us with information about efficiency, motion, shock, and symmetry. Allowing us to then treat every aspect of your lower limb. This information can be vital for anyone who is struggling with pain and movement.

At JKH Healthcare we stock quality prefabricated orthoses which can be used when a patient needs an instant fix. They are also very useful at determining whether orthotics are going to be an effective way of treating your problem going forward. But it can also be used to determine how effective a prescriptive device could be.

JKH Healthcare can also make a fully bespoke prescription device using a 3D scanner to capture an exact copy of your foot. As no feet are alike, we feel that we can get the best results as they will be tailored to your needs. These orthotics are then produced by Europe’s leading orthotics manufacturer based in Stoke on Trent.