Diabetic Foot Care

Precautionary is always better than reactionary. The better control of your diabetes, the fewer foot problems will arise.

Common diabetic foot problems can include reduction of circulation presenting as cold feet, cramping of the muscles and fragile skin. This can also be combined with reduction in sensation showing as numbness, tingling and a burning sensation.

Whether it be Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, it is essential that you look after your feet.  Having worked as a Diabetic Specialist Podiatrist, James knows the importance of this treatment. Assessment and treatment can give an early warning to any other complications caused by your diabetes. During their degree program, a podiatrist will be trained in much more than just the foot and ankle. They will be trained on how complications elsewhere in the body react and create problems in the foot. Therefore, they are the gold standard for Diabetic foot care.

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