Fotona Hot Laser

Fotona hot laser is an alternative to the Lunula cold laser treatment, but could also be used in conjunction with it as part of your treatment plan.

There has been some criticism of the hot lasers from practitioners specialising in cold laser treatments only as these are generally seen as less comfortable. Our clinical experience of both lasers shows that there are benefits to using the hot Fotona laser, for example, where only one toe nail is infected, or the infection of the toe is more profound and long-standing.

The hot laser heats the nail tissue thus killing off the fungus. The discomfort is not unbearable and your podiatrist will carry out gradual tissue heating and will work with you on the level of heating needed and the number of sessions required.

We have seen that with some patients, due to their body metabolism, the nail fungus is killed more quickly with the help of the hot Fotona laser.

Fotona Laser